I love Salsa… all types of salsa, red, green, smooth, chunky, salsa with queso, salsa with tacos, with eggs, with potatoes, on steak, with BBQ, it’s a staple for me a go to snack for me. Everything tastes better with salsa in my opinion ☺ I am always thinking about how I can get some [...]

So, you made our wondrous chicken broth and you have all this chicken left over and you were just thinking, “what in the world am I going to do with this chicken?” Lucky for you, I have your answer right here.  The broth is an excellent, nutrient dense snack to turn to during the day [...]

We are always making this amazing chicken bone broth recipe. We use it for our sick kids, as a snack, for our postpartum families and for the beginning of first foods for little ones. My mom always said there is no illness that chicken soup cannot fix. She made it all the time. I cannot [...]

Ever wonder what are the best First Foods for your little one, and when is the best time to start letting them have a taste? Curious about what is the best nutritionally dense way to begin the process? Well, I have a quick guide for you on when to start, and what to start with. [...]