Sleep Consults

We offer a variety of sleep consults to support you and your growing family.  Our detailed gentle, nutrition based process is sure to get your little one sleeping through the night. It includes an initial consult, step by step implementation plan and follow up support. Each baby is unique so we are able to create a customized plan specific for YOUR baby and YOUR sleep goals.

Sleep Consultations

First of all, it is very common for families with a new baby to be sleep deprived. Prolonged exhaustion is not conducive to a functional home environment. And lack of sleep can also lead to irritability, difficulty focusing attention, increased stress levels, and mental and physical illness. Lack of sleep does not a happy or healthy household make. If your baby is experiencing sleep issues, sleep consults with Maternal Instincts might be your family’s lifeline. Therefore it’s important to reach out to your resources to see what is available for you!

A baby’s daytime schedule directly affects their nighttime schedule! Are they getting enough calories? Are they getting too much sleep? One of our consults with a certified sleep specialist will be able to answer all these questions and more.

Well-fed, well-rested babies are happier, calmer babies who gain and maintain healthy weights, and therefore sleep through the night faster. Well-adjusted babies have an easier time transitioning when parents start to get their own needs back on the priority list – trust us, your future self will thank you. 

Sleep Consults:

Option 1: Comprehensive Sleep Consult 

  • Consultation
  • Diet Analysis
  • Daytime Schedule
  • Nighttime implementation plan
  • Follow up phone consult
  • Support by phone, text, or email for 3 weeks

Option 2: Extensive Sleep Consult 

  • Consultation
  • Diet Analysis
  • Daytime schedule
  • Nighttime implementation plan
  • Also, support by email for 3 weeks

Option 3: Basic Sleep Consult 

  • Phone Consultation
  • Written step by step implementation plan

Option 4: Diet Analysis 

  • Analyzing 48-hour log
  • Written feedback

Option 5: Sibling Consultations 

  • Consultation (x2)
  • Diet Analysis (x2)
  • Daytime schedule (x2)
  • Nighttime implementation plan (x2)
  • Support by email for 3 weeks

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Or schedule a free 15 minute consult with one of our sleep experts to learn more about your options by clicking here! 

“I called Maternal Instincts in a hopeless state thinking we were too old for sleep training for our one-year-old daughter. We were all completely sleep deprived. Rachelle was able to assist us with information, support, and a plan that helped our daughter finally sleep through the night! Thanks! – Mama K.”