Crina Ursa – The Nanny with a Loving Heart

Crina Ursa is one of the most nurturing people we know. Her natural instincts for care of the whole family is amazing. Her smile and openness with a heart that is loving and giving, shines through the minute you meet her. Her ability to come into a stressful situation and hold the crying little one and croon and sing and nurture is the ticket for her success. She cares for the family as much as she cares for the baby.

She works hard to promote a healthy environment within the home during a new transition. Her priority is to make sure that the parents are confident in her care with their children. Her sense of humor is quick, her patience is long, her intuition is keen, her passion is strong. We admire all of her strengths. Crina has watched and cared for our children personally and they adore her. She is so warm and kind that it quickly begins to feel like she is part of the family. Crina started working for Maternal Instincts, LLC in 2014.

She specializes as a night nanny and is in the process of completing her certification to be a Sleep Specialist. Crina has two young children who love the outdoors. Some of their favorites include; hiking, fishing and camping. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Art and plans to continue her education by venturing into the medical world. Her head for learning is vast. She speaks 3 languages and is eager to learn about you and your family and your culture. Your family will be more than pleased to have Crina in your home. We are pleased to have her on our team!

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Crina Ursa, Nanny Extraordinaire

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