How to Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night Without Crying: Try Our Baby Created Sleep© Method

Not all sleep methods involve crying it out.

With our instinctual, nutrition-based method you can get your baby to sleep through the night in as little as 5 nights!! 

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We have dedicated our lives to holding babies and figuring out the best ways to support them. Baby Created Sleep© was built with the baby in mind. It’s a journey through understanding your baby at each stage of development to ensure you can support and meet their needs while also following the cues that the baby is showing for sleep readiness.


Created by a nutritionist, we have mastered supporting sleep with 4 simple transitions where you and your baby both won’t be crying. Because this method is comfortable for the whole family, it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine. Our sleep specialists will give you a plan that is created just for your baby. Then, we will coach you and your little one through each step of the process so that you can master it on your own.


Oftentimes we get calls from moms that say they just can’t bare the thought of leaving their infant to cry alone in their nursery. They’ve tried everything they can think of and are at the end of their rope with sleep. First of all, they want their baby to sleep through the night. But they also want a successful method they are comfortable with that doesn’t make them cringe. 


When parents contact us, we first schedule a 15 minute phone consultation. After this first contact, parents realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a great night’s sleep!!! It only took 15 minutes for them to know that they will get their sweet baby to sleep through the night. So what are you waiting for?! Great sleep is sooner than you think!


Through This Method Sleep Training You Will Learn How To:

  • Meet your baby’s daily caloric needs to support positive night time sleep

  • Use verbal and nonverbal communication to create healthy associations to nighttime sleep

  • Understand calories and how much they matter for each stage of development

  • Master naps as they change over the first year

  • Learn how much tummy time is needed and other ideas for floor time activities

  • Build a bedtime you will love for years to come

Not all babies are the same. They grow at different rates, and they learn at different rates. Being cognizant of this allows us to implement our plan while letting your little one lead the process. We also know that flexibility is necessary because, well, life happens! Therefore, we will meet you where you’re at and encourage and support you through every step of the way.

Real Stories from Real Parents Who Used Baby Created Sleep ©

It is always so encouraging to hear success from other parents who have had real results with Baby Created Sleep©. Here is Melissa’s story:


“My day started like any other day. Stumble down the stairs with one eye open, fumble for some coffee, feed the dog, consider putting on a real outfit but deciding there is no point. It was my 175th night of interrupted dreams and unpredictable sleep, but today was the breaking point as I ran out of creamer and resorted to substituting with my own breast milk (it wasn’t all that bad). It changed me, it delivered me, and so today is the day I called for sleep support.


My sweet Vinny is a happy, full-of-life little baby. He just liked to sleep on me and nowhere else. After one call and pouring my heart out with tears, I had a plan. We set up a bedtime routine, implemented a Baby Created Sleep© daytime and nighttime schedule and began sleep training.


We had a step by step, plan in front of us and in four nights…I’m not kidding, literally four nights! I was sleeping in my bed and baby Vinny was sleeping in his bed. The smallest adjustments to our schedule completely changed everything. 


We focused on daytime first, adding in as much fat and protein as we could to his solids. Then, we dedicated some more time for floor activities and organized naps. After that, we tackled our nights with lots of support and love to help Vinny enjoy his bed and sleep peacefully, so that I could sleep peacefully too. I will never know what took me so long, but I am eternally grateful I finally made the plunge and called.”


Let us be your support team, every mother needs one.


The struggle as a parent is that you are alone in your thoughts a lot of the time. You might find that your mind is wandering to questions such as: “Am I doing this right?” or “Will my baby be permanently damaged by my lack of experience?” or “Did I just screw this up?”

You are not alone, every parent feels this way. Let us, the baby experts, help put some tools in your toolbox. We will bring all of our experience and knowledge so that you can support your baby in the best possible way.



Our Baby Created Sleep© Program answers common sleep questions such as:

  • How much do calories matter for healthy night time sleep?

  • What are realistic sleep expectations for my baby?

  • What is developmentally appropriate for my baby’s age?

  • When should my baby sleep through the night and what does it mean to “sleep through the night anyways”?

  • How many naps should my baby take?

  • How many ounces/feeds does my baby need?

  • When do growth spurts happen?

  • What is a sleep regression?

  • How do you get a baby to sleep through the night without crying it out?

We are also here to be a resource of knowledge for questions like “How do I know when my baby is full?” Well a fun trick I have always found useful to answer that is to look at their arm like a backwards gas gauge. When their hand is up near the bottle or breast they are on empty and hungry. And when it has fallen completely to their side they are full and no longer hungry.



Another great tip is that your baby will quit pooping at nighttime when their body has begun to separate day from night. We also help educate you on newborn health such as knowing that the gassy stage lasts from 3-9 weeks, and how to identify the difference between colic and reflux. We help you learn how much and what to feed your baby, as well as how to support each stage of developmental growth.


Things you may not think about that affect your baby’s sleep:

  • Why changing the types of solids you give your baby could be the step you need to create a full night’s rest.

  • Did you know your baby’s final stage of circadian rhythms aren’t developed until between 8 and 12 weeks?

  • Did you know your baby can’t reset their cortisol levels until closer to 5, and therefore rely on you to reset their nervous system?

Once your plan is in place, the results are nearly immediate.


We specialize in creating a plan unique to you and your baby. When your baby is ready for a new transition, it happens organically and is then supported by you as parents. We often hear parents talk about how easy implementing Baby Created Sleep© is with our guidance and how much stress it takes off their shoulders.

Our goal is happy, healthy, sleeping babies.

If you think we are the right match for you and can help with your goals for supporting your baby’s needs, book a free 15 minute consult today! We can be the experts in your corner ready to support your entire family so everyone can get some much needed rest.




Bringing your new baby home may have been one of the most exciting, yet scariest times of your life. While this journey has likely been special in ways you couldn’t have even imagined, it is also one of the hardest things you’ve experienced if you’re anything like us! Whether you have help or not, have experience, or feel prepared for this, each child is unique in their own way and each family has varying needs.


So after the adrenaline wears off, the sleepless nights may start taking a toll on your family, your body and maybe your sanity. Now all you want (and need!) in order to function in your daily life is to sleep through the night. Here is where we come in with our instinctual, nutrition-based method of soothing and comforting so you can get your baby to sleep through the night without crying. 

We have the resources, tools of support, and arms to hold your babies and all while helping you support them in the best way possible. Baby Created Sleep© can help bring healthy sleep to your home.

Real Parents Tell Us:

“Wow your schedule is amazing, I love that it’s about no crying, just to get my baby to sleep through the night!” – Gosia B


“We were doing pretty good at around four months and I would say our daughter was sleeping through the night. We slowly started to see a regression at six months and found our baby waking every hour on the hour.

When I spoke to Rachelle she had a lot more knowledge than I had read about or heard anywhere. She was explaining the circadian rhythms, development and the metabolic system and addressing it in the daytime as far as calories in.


“This was a completely different process then we had experienced before with another sleep trainer. It really felt like a second mother coming in to nurture our child and to help her through the process and comfort her through the process the same way I would as a mother. At the same time is allowed us to get some rest as parents so I had energy to support the day.” – Ann P


We also had a great experience with Maternal Instincts. Our child was waking every two hours and was nine+ months old. I had tried many different approaches and nothing was helping. Rachelle helped me develop a plan and was available for questions anytime I needed to touch base. I live out of state and I still felt like she made time for my calls. It was a process and she helped me every step of the way.  Now our child sleeps through the night!  Thank you so much!!” – Erin R

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