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Humanitarian Work

Simple Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, humanitarian-based organization on a mission to change the world with love. Simple Love is fighting to end the cyclical effects of extreme poverty, especially child hunger, by tackling its root causes. Envision a world with no more starving children. A world with no more poverty. This is the world Simple Love is working toward as it sets out the change the world. Taking one day and one community at a time, starting with Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

Maternal Instincts Nutrition Outreach Program

Maternal Instincts is so excited to join Simple Love in its mission to bring nutrition and awareness to Puerto Barrios. We are looking forward to launching the first nutrition program this Spring by going to Guatemala with Simple Love’s Founder, Alex Frazier. Puerto Barrios has over 3000 children that are severely malnourished. Our goal is to bring a nutrition treatment plan starting with the most severe cases. These children that are so severely malnourished are not only stunted in their growth and development. But also with their ability to be able to get out of poverty. Our wish is to give this town a hope for a future for their children.
Maternal Instincts has spent the last 15 years bringing love to families all over Colorado. We are so excited to bring our passion to these children in need. For only $36 you can help support one child for 6 months on this program that will bring them out of their state of malnutrition.
Through our humanitarian work, our goal is to not only help these children on the 6 month plan. Providing resources and education for sustainable options can be done through teaching them nutrient dense foods that they can grow at their own homes and schools. Maternal Instincts is honored to have the opportunity to support these children and are so grateful for your generous donations!