Maternal Instincts strives to provide all families in Colorado with loving, nurturing, and trustworthy care providers. We offer services ranging from Postpartum Doulas, to Newborn Care Specialists to Certified Sleep Specialists. We are thrilled to take this niche we have and share it with the families in Illinois and new locations coming soon! If you live near any of these locations, call today to learn more about the services we have and how they can help support your family.

We believe in quality care so that each family we work with has a qualified team of night nurses in their home. Because of this, you are sure to get a baby expert in your corner to use as a resource. Our postpartum support services are designed with sleepy parents, busy parents, and working professionals in mind. Therefore, at all of our locations we are able to go above and beyond a family’s expectations while still providing excellent night time support.

Colorado Locations


We are happy to serve families all over Colorado. From Colorado Springs to Denver to Vail, you  name it and we are there.

Maternal Instincts

9233 Park Meadows Dr
Lone Tree, CO 80124
Phone: (720) 401-7540
Email: maternalinstinctsdenver@gmail.com

Illinois Locations

Maternal Instincts is now servicing Illinois with our first satellite office. We offer a full service postpartum team that provides support all throughout the state. From Naperville to Chicago to Champagne our night nurses are available.

California Locations

Now providing postpartum support all throughout Southern California! From Los Angeles all the way to San Diego, we have all of your needs covered with our amazing team.

New York Locations

New York City, where dreams are made of! Let us help your little one find their great nights sleep gently! Our postpartum team is fully capable to care for your little one in the immediate postpartum period, and then guide them gently through sleep!

So call today to discuss all of the options that can help your family get on the fast track to a great nights sleep!