Workshop (at the Mama ‘Hood – Nov 3) Presented by Author Rachelle Gershkovich

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Journal +  Q&A: Sleep Tools and Cues Workshop

(using both to get your longest stretch of sleep each night)

Updated Journal QA Sleep Tools and Cues Workshop w date 1 - Workshop (at the Mama 'Hood - Nov 3) Presented by Author Rachelle Gershkovich

Who: For expecting parents and sleep deprived parents of babies up to one year old

What: Educational and Interactive Workshop + Meet the Author

Where: The Mama ‘Hood Denver | 2902 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211

When: Friday, November 3rd from 1 – 2pm

Contact: Mama ‘Hood (303) 643-5662 | Maternal Instincts (720) 401-7540

More Details: Every guest will receive a copy of Creating Sweet Dreams, the only baby sleep book you’ll need for the first year. And, the Mama ‘Hood is amazing for boutique shopping both for you, your little one or for gifts. Make it a “thing” and meet a friend for this parent class, shopping, and afterward, head to Teatulia for tea and a snack or Zuni Street Brewery for a sip of some craft beers (or grub from their on-site food truck).

Join Rachelle at the Mama ‘Hood in Denver Nov. 3

Wouldn’t it be nice to kiss your sweet baby goodnight and wake 6-8 hours later to the sound of her coos? It doesn’t have to be a dream. There are ways to get long stretches of sleep and your baby has been trying to tell you how!

Updated Social Media Graphic - Workshop (at the Mama 'Hood - Nov 3) Presented by Author Rachelle Gershkovich

Watching and paying attention to your baby’s clues about their personal rhythm can mean a structured day that includes (yes!) a long stretch of sleep. If even three hours would mean a literal night and day difference for you as a sleepy parent, you might want to catch this class.

We’ll use journaling to help create your perfect morning and nighttime routines. And, we’ll feature Nutrition-Based Sleep Expert and Author Rachelle Gershkovich to answer specific, science-based questions to help you work on more sleep at home. You’ll learn about circadian rhythms, sleep regressions, the nervous system and more.

Explaining “Sleep Training”

We’ll go over:

  • Blackout curtains (necessary?)
  • Sound soothers (the best ones and when to use them)
  • Resetting your baby’s nervous system
  • Creating your best morning and nighttime routines (for you and baby!)
  • Calculating your baby’s nutritional needs for her best sleep
  • Open Q&A follows 30-minute Tools & Cues Wellness Workshop

Workshop registry includes a free copy of the parent guidebook Creating Sweet Dreams by Rachelle Gershkovich.

Rachelle outside cute - Workshop (at the Mama 'Hood - Nov 3) Presented by Author Rachelle Gershkovich

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