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Maternal Instincts is your one stop shop to all things baby related for pre and post birth. If you’re expecting your first or welcoming a new addition, maybe consider hiring a postpartum professional. Having an extra set of hands can bring stability and peace into the often chaotic world of raising children. Maybe baby nurses was an idea you shrugged off before baby. While now, you may understand that having extra help goes a long way in the world of parenting. Sleep, always loved, not always obtainable, can be just around the corner with the help of a night nanny. 

Parenting is tough, our team is here to help!

Since 2010, Maternal Instincts has offered a variety of postpartum services to support families all over. From postpartum doulas, to sleep specialists and night nannies, our team is sure to make a difference in your home.

Rachelle Gershkovich

Owner of Maternal Instincts,  Nutritionist, Labor and Postpartum Doula trained, Certified Sleep Specialist, Newborn Care Specialist, Author of Creating Sweet Dreams

Rachelle’s passion for new mothers and babies set her career in motion as a Night Nanny in 2002. New motherhood is an extraordinary time of life-changing firsts, unknowns, questions and needs. Taking care of a household and a family is a fulltime job. Taking care of a new baby, mother, family and a household requires more than just a helping hand. Rachelle wants to be there to offer more for all families. And she also instills this same quality in each our baby nurses at Maternal Instincts.

rachelle, baby nurses, doulas, sleep help, infants, Maternal InstinctsNutrition and Newborns

Through nursing courses, she discovered the undeniable value of nutrition and studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Merging her passion for new mothers, babies and  her love of clinical nutrition, Rachelle founded Maternal Instincts, LLC. Opened in 2010 to support, guide, educate and connect with new mothers, babies and families in transition. Her experience includes high-risk infant care, heart surgery recovery, feeding tubes, oxygen, colic, and reflux.

In 2016 Rachelle published her first book Creating Sweet Dreams that features her copyrighted sleep training method “Baby Created Sleep.” This unique approach focuses on development, the metabolic system, and daily caloric intake to best support healthy sleep.

She also has experience with lactation, adjusting and balancing a new mother’s dietary and nutritional intake. This is in support of optimal nutrition for the new baby as well as Mom’s healing and recovery. An energetic and fun-loving mother of four, Rachelle brings an open mind, ease, connectivity, and professionalism to each family.

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