In Home Support Services

Our team of Night Nannies, Certified Sleep and Newborn Care Specialists are able to offer a variety of postpartum services ensuring we can cover the needs of your family.

With night nurses, night nannies, and postpartum doulas, all educated and with certifications, we are sure to have the right fit for your in-home overnight and after birth support.


Our supportive night nannies and newborn care specialists are educated, compassionate, loving and attentive caregivers. Their focus is to support you and your baby after coming home from the hospital for overnight night nanny support or just for an extra set of hands. We have a wide variety of services and strive to help you be educated about your baby’s development and the best ways to support your new little one, especially when it comes to sleep and nutrition.

All of our nannies are well versed in early childhood education, development and nutrition. They are also CPR certified, and have years of experience with newborns. We offer continued education for each of our providers so that they can stay up to date on new research.

Our newborn care specialists  provide parents with knowledge on the rapid developmental changes within the first year of baby’s life. We follow research-based methodology to gently coach and educate you on realistic milestones and goals for your infant. They are our experts in all things baby! They can help with infant care basics such as how to properly lay your baby down, all the way to feeding routines and lactation support.

Our providers will not only help you get the rest you need, but will make your next day a breeze. They will stock the nursery, do baby related laundry and dishes, empty the diaper pale, prepare formula, and dress and prepare your little one in the morning.

Our night nannies can be scheduled between 7:00 pm to 7:00 am with a minimum of an 8-hour shift. Scheduling is flexible to what your family needs and what works best for you. We can often even accommodate same-day requests.



Our  Baby Created Sleep © method is a gentle, nutrition-based approach at sleep training. Let’s emphasize: gentle. We can get your little one to sleep through the night without using harsh methods such as crying it out or extinction. Baby Created Sleep © was developed to work with your little one where they are at developmentally. Each transition is based off age and weight. This ensures your baby will continue to grow at a healthy rate while receiving all of the necessary calories.

And, we help you understand your baby’s cues, create routines, and reduce the entire family’s cortisol levels (think: stress). You’ll even bond with your baby in new ways while each getting restful, peaceful sleep. Each of our sleep trainers have completed their certification through the Infant Institute.

We also have a variety of sleep training packages. Schedule a complimentary call at your own convenience by clicking below. (Super easy, takes about 20 seconds to schedule.)



Postpartum Doulas are trained in the emotional and physical needs of both the newborn and the family. Offering support and guidance, a postpartum doula can be a true lifeline for new parents. Postpartum Doulas specialize in “mothering” parents and babies. Care includes: emotional and physical support, meal and snack preparation, milk or lactation consulting, light housework, laundry, and more!

Our postnatal caregivers are able to reign in a household’s “To Do” list in order to free up a parent’s time. Therefore they can have the time for much needed sleep, quality bonding with the new baby, tend to other children, as well as personal time alone. Our pre/postnatal doula services are as close as you can get to “new baby sanity insurance.”


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