Night Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists

Hiring a Night Nanny Can Save the Day and Night.


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Night Nannies and newborn care specialists are educated, thorough, compassionate, loving and attentive caregivers to your newborn. All of our night nannies are well versed in newborn care, early childhood education, and are CPR certified.

Our team of postpartum providers must have a minimum of 5 years newborn care experience and have a certification in their field to ensure we have an expert in your home. We also require continuing education to keep our care cohesive and as up to date as possible.

Night nannies care for your baby overnight so that you can conquer the day. When you have to work or travel or are just are plain tired, having a night nanny scheduled can help you be an even better parent (because you’re rested!).

Overnight care can change your life as a new parent or even with a second or third.

It’s reassuring knowing you can either attend an event and not worry about having to come home early, or that you can be fresh for work or for holidays or travel. It’s really crucial to have a relationship with an overnight care provider so that when you need the help, you can just make a call. We recommend setting up an interview to screen us and find a good match. Matching your family style with a night nanny that “gets you” is so helpful

And, our newborn sleep experts can also provide parents with knowledge on the rapid developmental changes within the first year of baby’s life. Because we follow research-based methodology, we can educate parents on realistic milestones for their infant. Our providers work hard to go above and beyond the parents’ expectations in terms of loving care for your newborn. Another goal of ours it to transfer as much knowledge as possible from the baby expert to the parents in a way that’s approachable and works with your family style (and only when asked of course!).

Our Night Nannies are Experienced and Certified.

Maternal Instincts night nannies have many years of experience within the postpartum period and each has their own maternal instinct in caring for your baby. We love babies! And, our newborn care specialists and night nannies have gone through the certification process through the Infant Institute with hours of specialized education on top of their years of experience. You can rest assured (literally and figuratively!) that our night nannies will be highly educated and informed. We offer continued education for all of our team members to ensure they are as up to date as possible in all things baby.

What a Night Nanny Does:

  • Guiding baby into positive and gentle sleep
  • Diaper changes
  • Soothing baby upon waking and guiding back to sleep
  • Preparing and sterilizing bottles
  • Dressing and preparing the baby in the morning
  • Baby cleaning if asked
  • Baby related laundry and dishes if asked and included

Why Hire a Night Nanny?

Are you a business professional that has decided to grow or start a family? Do you have a high demanding job that requires you to be on your game at all times? If so, sleep isn’t just a suggestion it’s a necessity. Our night nannies can be the tool you need to return back to work with ease rather than with dread. You can hire a night nanny for the full work week, Sunday night through Thursday night, or just a couple nights to help get you through!

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Scheduling Night Nannies:

We offer flexible scheduling when it comes to in-home support with any of our providers. Maternal Instincts takes your info and schedule and can accommodate to what you need. We can also accomodate schedule fluxuations. Typical Night Nanny hours are 9pm-7am, but we are able to accommodate any shift request between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

How to Book a Night Nanny:

Call: 720-401-7540


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