Being the original night nanny agency we take special care in ensuring all of our nannies have undergone extensive training course and have had a minimum of five years hands on experience. Most importantly, our experienced night nannies are nurturing, loving and committed to supporting families of all kinds through this special transition.

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Our care providers are carefully screened and vetted, background checked, references verified and much more to ensure we are giving the absolute best to every family.

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Wonder why this is in quotes? It’s because we know that each baby is different and what works for one family may not work for another. We take a flexible approach to a gentle, nutrition based sleep method to help your baby sleep. By listening to your little one and understanding the signs of developmental readiness, we can get both you and your baby sleeping longer stretches at night.

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We offer education for families, day-time nannies, breastfeeding support, introduction to solid foods, sleep groups, household managers, and much more. By offering a wide variety of services we are sure to have the perfect fit for you, your family, and your budget! No matter where you are at financially, we want to be able to support and guide your family.

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Days are better when nights are covered.

Maternal Instincts even started as three sisters that found their niche within the newborn community. Caring for infants and new families was their calling. The feeling they had when families thanked them endlessly for their support and guidance was enough to do it all over again the next night. Our goal isn’t just to provide you with a great night’s sleep and send you on your way. We can be the shoulder to lean on, the extra set of hands around the house, and the ear to listen with a cup of warm tea after a long, hard day.

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Days are better when nights are covered.

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