We take COVID-19 as seriously as you do

We want to you to have peace of mind knowing that we take the safety of our families and nannies very seriously. We are a boutique agency that know each and every one of our nannies and families closely. We are taking every precaution available to us during these uncertain times and work with each family, individually, to ensure that all members of the immediate household and that of the nanny which is supporting the family is taken into consideration. As each family dynamic is different we tailor our support to suit your household needs.

At Maternal Instincts, we provide exceptional, loving care for your newest addition. Whether you’re a new parent or an “experienced” one, finding help for those sleepless nights and adjustments to your schedule can be hard. That’s why we hire and train only the best night nannies and sleep specialists who are ready to step in and take care of your baby or your home. Our maternal instincts kick in as soon as you call us, so don’t hesitate to connect.

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Night Nannies

Our night nannies are like a sister coming over to help because we love you both.

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Sleep “Training”

We love happy, rested babies and we want you to have peace and harmony each day.

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Family Support

Having a loyal and experienced assistant in the home can do wonders for your family.

What do I want to know from my Nanny?

Why did they want to be a nanny? 

What brought them to this type of work?

What are the interests and hobbies?

 What do they love about children? 

What do children love about them?

What are their previous experiences and can you contact their references? 

Have they ever had to deal with an emergency situation? If yes, how did they manage that?

What formal qualifications do they hold?

How do they feel about light housework? 

Especially pertaining to the child(ren)

Maternal Instincts can help you navigate this checklist and decide if our agency is right for your family



Searching for a Nanny-What should I think about?

Start planning well before you are in need of your care- What is your timeline?

Come to a decision about what type of care you are after – Day/Night/Both?

What is a comfortable budget for your care needs/wants

Write down a description of your perfect nanny. Think about age, live in or out, bilingual, qualifications….

Think about your family dynamic/style and what personality type may suit you best

Consider the depth of responsility that you wish your nanny to undertake

Should I go with an agency or try to find someone myself?


Maternal Instincts can help you navigate this checklist and decide if our agency is right for your family