Budgeting Mommy

Hey budgeting mommy, maybe you all don’t have a friend named Nichole who is a coupon queen, but we do and boy do we get some great advice on great budget and couponing techniques.  I am not a professional like she is and I play dumb often so that she just gets frustrated and does it for me… Just kidding but not really.  So I started thinking, what do I do for my family that is budget friendly besides chatting with Nichole. Here are a few things that came to mind:

Budgeting Mommy Tips:

  1. Memberships – Every year we ask for a membership to the museum or the zoo for a holiday present.  This is one of the best ways to have a place to go to and do something fun that saves us money every time.  The memberships come with coupons for certain events, toys, drinks, and bringing friends! You can even get a free nanny pass with yours so if you ever have a babysitter, they can go for free… budgeting mommy approved!
  2. Movies in the Park – Did you know every neighborhood has these great events called Movies in the Park and they’re free?  Glendale, Harvey Park, City Park and many others just to name a few (insert some links)
  3. Tons of restaurants in Denver and the surrounding areas have certain nights that kids eat free.  I found this great website and it has a list of all the places that participate! http://www.milehighonthecheap.com/kids-eat-free
  4. Free Summer Classes – Your local public Library has really great programs for summer!  Our kids love to read and get all the free goods, and every week when we go to the library, we look on the calendar to check and see what free classes they have.  So far, we have made cupcakes, learned how to do Henna tattoos and there are more things to come!
  5. Play group – Looking for an affordable option of play that includes development and a specialist that leads the class, check out these local options.  www.thefamilyroomdenver.com
  6. Meal Planning – We realized that we were cooking the same food all the time, and that in that throwing out a lot of food, I discovered this website and it has been super helpful to us in planning for our meals and for our leftovers. http://wegotreal.com/real-food-meal-plan-broke
  7. Day of swimming fun!  We love to swim and are always looking for somewhere awesome to do.  We load up the cooler with food and drinks and snacks, and head to one of these great places to spend the day.  http://www.westword.com/arts/the-ten-best-swimming-spots-in-colorado-6771602
  8. Events and things to do – Colorado Parent Magazine is a WONDERFUL resource for things every month to do with your kids in your neighborhood.  Check it out! http://coloradoparent.com/event

Hope all these great tips, help you have a great summer and save some money!