Sleep Training for Newborns

How is your family sleeping these days? If you are reading this with one eye open it might be time to think about sleep training.

We offer a no-cry-it-out, baby led solution to getting through sleep training with your little one(s). With our Baby Created Sleep© method, we will create a plan catered to your unique child and focus on the right sleep for your home. Baby Created Sleep© is a revolutionary method of sleep training built by Rachelle Gershkovich, a newborn sleep expert since 2009 and author of Creating Sweet Dreams, the ultimate first year parent guidebook.

This gentle, nutrition based sleep method will focus on the required caloric intake for your baby. Therefore we can ensure they do not lose any calories from their daily intake. Instead we transition these calories to the day time hours. This allows your baby’s body to focus on the digestive system in the daytime and sleep cycles at night time.

Every baby is different and unique, Baby Created Sleep© will create a plan that takes every aspect of your baby into consideration in building a plan for sleep their current development, caloric intake, and any digestive troubles they may have such as reflux, colic, allergies, etc.

So what does the Sleep Training process look like?

sleep training for newborns

  • First, we will start with a 48-hour log to evaluate current routine, habits, sleep, and total caloric intake
  • Secondly, we create a step by step plan designed for your baby(s)
  • Lastly, our certified sleep specialist will come to your home and implement the plan.
  • Your sleep specialist will also provide ongoing support to answer any questions you have regarding sleep as your little one grows

When is the right time to start sleep training a baby?

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