Certified Sleep Specialists

Our certified sleep specialists pride themselves on being able to complete sleep training tear free for babies of all ages!

Their training on  “Baby Created Sleep” has prepared them to support your little one (or big one) through a great night’s sleep gently. Rather than practicing harsher techniques, they will provide comfort and soothing and still achieve great results! Their focus is on what is developmentally appropriate, their digestive system, and circadian rhythms. This technique is unique to your baby and is also customized to achieve your sleep goals.

With this gentle, nutrition based method your baby can be sleeping through the night in as little as five nights!


Black and white photo of baby sleeping in their own crib after working with certified sleep specialists.

What are Certified Sleep Specialists?

Maternal Instincts sleep specialists have completed their in-depth training through Infant Institute. Our team of sleep specialists are led by Rachelle Gershkovich, owner of Maternal Instincts. Rachelle developed Baby Created Sleep© and published a book, Creating Sweet Dreams in the Fall of 2016.  Sleep Specialists have also studied early childhood development, nutrition, baby’s body systems, and normal sleep for newborns to toddlers. They are in home providers who will gently guide your little one to a great night’s sleep. Your sleep guru will be able to answer any questions and also be available as your baby grows.

What does it really mean to “sleep like a baby?”

Newborns do three things: eat, sleep and poop. Because there is so much growth in the first few weeks, they are on an around-the-clock feeding and sleeping schedule. Therefore, it is important for the fourth trimester to just meet the needs of your little one. Rather than pushing for longer stretches, we focus on calories in and creating long term healthy sleep associations. So, when can we sleep train?

We can start the first step of sleep training when their final stage of circadian rhythms are developed because their bodies are able to recognize the difference between day and night. This typically happens between 8 to 12 weeks and the easiest way to tell is when they no longer poop during the night. We also want to make sure they are ready developmentally and that they are at an appropriate weight to push for longer stretches of nighttime sleep. It isn’t always the same for all babies but since this is baby led sleep support, your baby will let you know when they’re ready to begin elongating night time sleep.

So, what does it mean to sleep like a baby then? Well, for the first 8 weeks of life, it’s waking often because your body is telling you you’re hungry. It means not knowing the difference between day and night. And it also means having to get your diaper changed during the night. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not sleep like a baby unless they’ve completed sleep training with a Certified Sleep Specialists from Maternal Instincts.

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