1:26 Born to Be Breastfed Podcast host Marie Biancuzzo introduces Rachelle and her company Maternal Instincts as well as the types of services it offers  2:14 Rachelle explains the newborn care specialist, night nanny and postpartum doula (hint: ALL are certified in their field)  3:16 Postpartum doulas are full family care (think groceries, cooking, pets, laundry and more)  [...]

The sun is shining most days, the rain has the soil ready for planting, Rachelle has all of her happiness radiating from every pore because she can now dig in the dirt! Want to learn how to cultivate your garden too? Read on, because... Its gardening time! Back to Rachelle... Every ounce of her being [...]

We were talking the other day about baby’s and how much we love them, and how we loved carrying them, growing them, nursing them, nurturing them and all the great things that our bodies did. The conversation then turned to, the question “did you expect your body to bounce back after baby?”. After my first, [...]

We are always making this amazing chicken bone broth recipe. We use it for our sick kids, as a snack, for our postpartum families and for the beginning of first foods for little ones. My mom always said there is no illness that chicken soup cannot fix. She made it all the time. I cannot [...]

There are lots of decisions to make when there’s a baby on the way. One of the most controversial is the ever raging breast or bottle debate. There are many people who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and many of them will try like a televangelist to get you on their side. [...]

Most mothers bottle feed their baby and there is no doubt that breastfeeding your baby can sometimes be difficult to get started, but if a mother persists, she finds that it is a lot less bother than bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is actually less stressful and less work than bottle-feeding. Mothers who give up breastfeeding, state [...]

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