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How to Burp a Baby

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If your baby seems cranky or uncomfortable after feedings, it is likely because they swallowed air with their milk. To make them feel better, you can burp them once they have eaten. Burping your baby allows them to remove some of the gassiness and discomfort in their stomach, and it can prevent spitting up.

How to burp a baby

There are no specific rules as to when you should burp your baby. Some babies will need to burp during their feeding, while others are okay to wait until after. Regardless of when you decide to burp your baby, some of the signs that your baby needs to be burped are crying, arching their back, and drawing the legs into the tummy.

The most common way to burp your baby is over the shoulder. Hold your baby upright and rest their head on your shoulder while patting their back with your other hand. You can also burp your baby by sitting them in your lap. You can support their chin and chest with one hand and rub or pat their back with the other. The third way you can burp the baby is by lying them across your lap. Rest your baby face down on your lap and gently rub their back.

If your baby is still showing signs of gassiness, you may want to move their legs back and forth like riding a bike or gently massage their tummy. You can also give your baby a warm bath. If your baby is still struggling with gas after all of these tips, it may be beneficial to talk to your healthcare provider for additional options.

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