Let’s Talk Sleep Training: Training Your Baby To Sleep

Training Your Baby To Sleep

Oh, those dreaded words:

Sleep Training

For the sleepless mom, it sounds like a pipe dream.

For other moms, it seems silly and frivolous to want to “train” your baby to sleep.

There is so much judgment around those two words “sleep training.”

No-Cry Sleep Method

Well then, I guess you can judge me! HA! Personally, those two words make me smile.  They bring a comforting thought that WE can help families have a GREAT night’s sleep!  I am here to confess: I am a fan of babies sleeping through the night.  I am a doer, a trainer and a guide for those babies to help them sleep through the night.

I know that training your baby to sleep is one of the best things you can do for your infant. It allows for consistency and calm in their little lives, which leads to better sleep! I know that by 12-14 weeks we can support a family and a little one to sleep peacefully and soundly, without messing with bonding or breastfeeding… and… with NO CRYING!

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Gentle Sleep Training That Supports All Families

Some in the community say it’s not possible, that it’s not normal, and that training your baby to sleep totally messes with the breastfeeding relationship. Some people also think that it doesn’t support the mother. They might say, for example: “How can you have someone just come in to your house and care for your baby all night?”

Well HELLO! I would have, if someone had told me about these magical fairies called night nannies. If I had known that there was a company that specialized in in-home sleep support, and that they would come to your house and do your dishes, wash your baby’s clothes, and help you nurse (or feed your baby for you so you could sleep a long stretch) AND that getting my baby to sleep through the night would NOT include crying AT ALL!! I would have said “Huh? Who? Where? SIGN ME UP!!!!”

Night Nannies and Sleep Specialists

Seriously though, we offer the night time help that includes postpartum support. We have educated folks that encourage breastfeeding and that encourage the mom that bottle feeds. We also support parent and baby bonding, and appreciate our certified nannies that come into your home and listen to meet YOU where YOU’RE at. We don’t believe in judgment calls.

We have a company that has teams for families to choose from and each team has specialties. We have encouraged continuing education, staying within comfort zones, working withing a scope that we have set for ourselves that feels safe. We want our team to be nourished by each other and by us to hone in on those specialties they have, so they can come to your house with confidence in their abilities and do an incredible job.

We also want you to know that we provide full circle care. We have teams for coming home from the NICU, for surrogacy support, for single babies, for twins, for breastfeeding or formula feeding, nutrition for the whole family, colic, reflux… you need it, we’ve got it!

We have someone here at Maternal Instincts that can specifically support your family through all the kinks (or no kinks.) And still provide care to your baby that gets your baby peacefully sleeping through the night with no tears.

We care for all families…every single kind that you can think of!  We care about them, and we love to take care of their babies! So give us a call, ask us about our magical work. Ask us what we can do for you. Maybe you want a consultation about sleep, maybe you want care a few nights week and then want to hire us for sleep later, maybe you only want the sleep part.. We never turn families away and we love navigating care with you! We can’t wait to talk to you!

– Sarah

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