Corporate Childcare

Why Provide Corporate Childcare?

Is the goal of your business to increase productivity? Does having people call in to work throw a wrench in that plan? Maybe it’s time to hire Maternal Instincts for your corporate childcare needs. The days of calling in last minute because the nanny fell through is over. Corporate childcare providers are professional, energetic and reliable. They have been background checked, vetted, and trained in early childhood development. Whether you’re a growing business, or a well established company, corporate childcare will get your business to the next level.

Benefits of Corporate Childcare:

Employer-sponsored child care can benefit employees, and thereby benefit employers, by making employees (, 2009):

    • Feel they are more productive at work
    • Feel their company is supportive of them and their work/life balance
    • Be less likely to leave their job to pursue other opportunities
    • More likely to return to work after the birth of a child because of the benefit
    • Consider the benefit as a factor in a decision to join the organization
    • Feel more involved in their child’s day due to the proximity of the center to their workplace.

Why Choose Maternal Instincts?

We are passionate about providing the most up to date and quality childcare at each of our locations. Our goal is to provide childcare experts so that your business experts can work knowing their family is taken care of.

Is the cost holding you back from taking the leap to employee sponsored childcare? It may be more affordable than you think! And with the increase in productivity it will make up for itself in no time. Each business is different and we are able to create a customized agreement unique to your company and your needs.

Don’t let employees calling in keep your business from its growth potential.


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