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Chiropractic House Calls: The Perfect Solution for Postpartum Moms

Advice from Dr. Lauren Love

Dr. Lauren is a Denver-area chiropractor who works with expecting mothers and postpartum mothers in the convenience of their own home.

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Dr. Lauren Love, House Call Chiropractor

So much preparation leads up to having a baby we often forget to discuss the importance and necessity of postpartum care and support. Life after having a baby can become very unpredictable and a “normal” schedule isn’t always that easy. That is why Dr. Lauren brings the care to you so you can stay home with your baby and have one less thing to worry about!  

Relax, then PUSH!

Giving birth is one of the hardest and physically intense events a woman’s body goes through. First, the hormone relaxin is produced and helps relax pelvic ligaments allowing the pelvis to open and move more than it ever has before. Then, during labor, oxytocin speeds things up, causing contractions to help push your baby out. These opposing hormones are very necessary for a healthy and successful birth but can leave your body needing some serious TLC.

Postpartum Healing

After having a baby your body undergoes tremendous healing and change. It is important during this time the ligaments in the pelvis return to their normal length and tension, helping the pelvis also return to its pre-baby position. This process can sometimes take up to 3 months and your body is technically in a postpartum phase for up to a year after giving birth. Also, being a new mom involves repetitive stress on the neck and upper shoulders, whether it be from breastfeeding, carrying your child, or just looking down to watch over your beautiful baby.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic adjustments can shorten recovery time, help the body return to a more stable state and lessen the effects of stressors during motherhood. Chiropractic adjustments help ensure the nervous system (brain-body connection) is optimally functioning, allowing your body to heal without any disruption. Specific and gentle adjustments can also aid in regaining the stability and strength in your pelvis and pelvic floor allowing you to walk and move more comfortably. Chiropractors can also help ease you into this transition with helpful tips like better postures during breastfeeding, safer ways to carry a car seat, and how to best carry and lift your baby.

Let the Care Come to You

Dr. Lauren knows how its hard to leave the house for doctor appointments let alone have the energy to get dressed and make it out the door. 

The good news is you can stay home! As a house call chiropractor, Dr. Lauren will come to you and care for you (and your new baby) in the comfort of your home.

In home visits eliminate the stresses of packing up the baby, getting the baby’s car seat in and out of the car, or making appointment times that don’t fit into your new lifestyle.

Your First Postpartum House Call

You may be wondering how soon is too soon for your first postpartum adjustment. Dr. Lauren always suggests mom and baby being checked during the first or second week following birth or as soon as you feel comfortable. Remember, in order to care for your baby at your very best, you need to take good care of yourself too!

Dr. Lauren is a second generation chiropractor whose passion is caring for women and children and seeing her patients thrive in life with chiropractic care. Dr. Lauren has specific pediatric and pre and postnatal training. She also works with women during their pregnancy to help ensure a comfortable and healthy pregnancy and recommends chiropractic as early as the 1st trimester.  And, Dr. Lauren works with kids too!

chiropractic house calls, dr lauren love, denver chiropractor, postpartum chiropractor

Dr. Lauren Love works on kiddos too!

Dr. Lauren offers free consultations for those who would like to learn more about chiropractic care or have questions about how chiropractic can help you. For more information about Dr. Lauren and her services visit or call her directly at (303) 720-6911.


chiropractic house calls, dr lauren love, denver chiropractor, postpartum chiropractor



At Maternal Instincts, we value our professional partner’s quality of service, experience and education. We know it’s hard to find experts, so we’ve put together a resource guide for you. We highly recommend Dr. Lauren Love. And, being able to have the care come to you is so comforting after birth. Thank you Dr. Lauren! – Rachelle & the Team at Maternal Instincts