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Registered Nurses

Maternal Instincts has an entire team of Registered Nurses available to support families with high needs babies, multiples, preemies, etc. Their expertise allows you to rest easy knowing that your little one is being cared for by a licensed and trained professional. They are able to advise and guide your family through any questions you have upon leaving the hospital. Your first night home can be intimidating. Let a registered nurse ease your mind and also help you get the rest you need to support your little one.

What Can a Registered Nurse do in Our Home?

  • Monitor pulse ox for abnormal readings
  • Pace feeding
  • Feeding tubes
  • Advise on safe practices for the nursery and home

A registered nurse can work with your family all way through sleep training or just for a few nights. We also offer a tuck in service to meet you at home from the hospital to help set up and answer any questions. Another option would be to schedule a consult with the registered nurse. They can help with any transitions and help guide you with your little one.

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