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Unexpected Things About Being a Parent

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Becoming a parent is a major life milestone, and you know that your life is about to change drastically as soon as you find out that you are expecting your first child. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know exactly what will be different because there are a lot of emotional changes that come with having a baby.

FOUR Unexpected Things About Being A Parent

  1. Everything may not be blissful as soon as your baby is born. If you look at movies and media, it’s expected to love your baby as soon as it’s born. However, this may not be the case for everyone. A rough, traumatic birth can mean you do not fall in love with your baby as soon as you hold it, but this is normal.
  2. Babies make a TON of laundry. Another thing nobody talks about with new babies is how much laundry they create. Between poo, pee, spit-up, and throw up, you will go through tons of diapers, clothes, baby bibs, and blankets. If there is one place your partner or family members can help out, it’s with the laundry.
  3. Labor recovery can be harder than giving birth. Pregnancy is nine months of changes, labor can be rough, but post-labor can be even worse. Not only do you now have a baby that demands your attention 24/7, but you also have a sore body healing from a traumatic event. After you give birth, your hormones have to adjust, your weight changes, and you may even be healing physically, too.
  4. It can change you fundamentally. Finally, it’s impossible to know how giving birth or having a baby will change you, but it usually does. Type A people can quickly become type B, and people who obsess over organization may find themselves content with a suddenly messy house.

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding things most people will do in their lives, but it comes with plenty of changes, from physical ones to emotional ones. There are some universal changes, such as a busier schedule and less sleep, but don’t be alarmed if you have more unexpected changes.

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