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When Should You Begin Potty Training?

when to begin potty training

Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone in a child’s life. Many children start showing interest in this behavior between 18 months and three years, with the average potty training age being 27 months. This behavior is crucial for independence, but it is also a stage that cannot be rushed.

When should you begin potty training?

It is tempting to start your child’s potty training journey when they are 18 months old, but potty training is a complex skill that your child must be ready for. Starting your child’s potty training journey too early can lead to frustration for everybody involved and potentially lead to a longer potty training period.

Instead of going by physical age, it’s more important to look for readiness milestones. One way to know if your child is ready for potty training is if they show an interest in it. You can increase this interest by reading children’s books and watching videos about using the potty.

Another sign to look for is if your child stays dry. If your child can stay dry for two hours or more when they’re awake or wake up with dry diapers, it shows that their bladder capacity and control are increasing. Studies show a strong relationship between physical readiness for potty training and the ability to keep diapers dry during naps.

Finally, your child must know when they go to the bathroom. If your child isn’t aware of what they’re doing, they are not in control of the process. It’s important to see if your child shows an awareness of going to the bathroom, like going to a private room or hiding behind furniture to pee or poop.

Potty training is an important milestone in your child’s life, but it is something that cannot be rushed. Rather than go by your child’s age, it’s important to look for signs of readiness that show that they are physically capable of undergoing potty training.