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3 exercises to help teach your baby how to roll over and pull the swaddle.

Has your baby started to roll over and you are wanting to pull the swaddle for sleep. There are a few things to consider when pulling the swaddle. The first thing is going to ensure your baby is ready and you do it in a step by step process instead of cold turkey. Always begin  a new skill during the day and from there you can move to night sleep. In order for your little one to gain the strength, control, and skills needed to master their body try these three exercises below.

  1. Pulling up to Sitting- Let your baby lay flat on their back and hold each of your thumbs. Once they have a firm grip on your thumbs start to slowly lift. Keep close eye contact. This keeps them interested in you and moving in your direction. Keep pulling and let them do a “ crunch” to lift their body to a fully sitting position.
  1. Rolling over with help-Lay your baby on the stomach and put their arms in front of them for support. Think elbow plank. Now take any socks off and they need their toes for traction. Take your hand and put it under your babies foot to give something to kick off of. Now use your other hand and place it at the hip on the same side of the body. Make eye contact. Gently help your baby turn their body to roll all the way over. Now keep eye contact and praise the hard work. They may flop over but that is OK. You are teaching muscle memory. Keep this up and practice both sides. 
  1. Sitting with balance- Sit yourself up and open your legs to a wide “V”. Put your baby in between your legs with their back to your belly. You have become a padding for them to safely fall into. So let them fall side to side and begin to find the muscles needed to sit up straight on their own. You will help recorrect your baby but the goal is to let them master the movements in the safety of your support.

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