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When Is a Child Too Old to Sleep With Parents

baby sleeping in bed with parents

When your child is young, it is not uncommon for them to want to snuggle into your side to sleep. In fact, for many parents, it is easier to have your child in your bed or the bedroom with you for various reasons.

As your child gets older, you may be wondering how old is too old for your child to sleep with you.

When is a child too old to sleep with parents?

Many professionals have mixed feelings about co-sleeping, but if you decide to co-sleep with your child, there is no specific time when you must move them out to their own bed.

The best way to move your child from sleeping with you to sleeping in their own space is to let your child decide. Some children may choose to move out early into their own rooms, while others may say in your room for longer. It is important to note that once your child is ready to move to their own room, you should allow them to.

If you find that your child is not interested in moving out, it may be necessary to set a boundary or do what’s best for you and your partner. Puberty is a good time to decide it is time for your child to move out. Your child may also need to move out of your bed if they are disrupting you or your partner’s sleep.

Co-sleeping can be beneficial for parents and children, but at some point, it may be time for the child to move to their own room. There’s nothing wrong with co-sleeping, but if you find that your child is nearing puberty or disrupting you or your partner’s sleep, it may be necessary to move them out sooner rather than later.

When transitioning your child from your bed to their own bed, one of the best ways to ease their anxiety over this change is to set an official move-out date. Take the time to decorate their room and establish a bedtime routine, so they do not feel lonely or anxious about being separated from you at night.

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