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How to Get a Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

The first few weeks of having a newborn baby can be mentally and physically exhausting. It is natural for your baby to fall asleep in your arms, but this habit can get exhausting when you have other things you need to do. So if you’re wondering how to get a newborn to sleep in a bassinet, you’re not alone!

Putting your baby to sleep in a bassinet promotes safe sleeping habits. Your baby needs to be sleeping on a firm, flat surface to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Also, it’s important to think about where you want your baby to sleep in the long run rather than in the short term. It’s easy to let your baby fall asleep in your arms now, but in eight months, you’re going to want them to sleep in their own space.

The major reason your baby may have trouble sleeping in their bassinet is because they are seeking comfort. Some babies seek comfort from their parents more than the average child, and those babies may be suffering from reflux or gas. Please feel no guilt in comforting your baby and holding for a nap but balance is key here. Having a safe sleep option is your best bet for a balanced baby and parent. 

Another reason your baby may not be going to sleep in their bassinet is because they are overtired. It sounds crazy, but babies can become overtired, and once they are overtired, they cry at everything. If your baby is overtired, then it’s best to skip the bassinet and try again at another nap time.

Two other factors can be habit and anxious parents. If you’ve been letting your baby fall asleep in your arms consistently, then it can be difficult to switch them over to sleeping in the bassinet. You also may contribute to the problem by being anxious about them crying and picking them up too much. 

So when you’re wondering how to get a newborn to sleep in a bassinet – confidence is key! That and timing. Try not to hold your baby so long that they are coming to the light potion of their sleep cycle just as you are laying them down. Many of these naps are only 45 minutes so try to calm and soothe your baby for 7-10 minutes maximum before laying your baby down. Stay confident that they won’t wake and they will feel your guidance and security. 

Also check out our instructional video on “ how to lay a baby down” and contact us with any questions.

No matter why your baby has trouble sleeping in the bassinet, all it takes is more consistency and patience to get them used to their sleeping area. It’s important to identify the signs of fatigue before they get overtired and make sure they are comfortable and drowsy before you put them down.

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